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1. Victoria Memorial

Over the eyars, Victoria Memorial has been one of the best places of interest for the people of Kolkata, as well as, for anyone who visits the city. Established long back, in the years 1921, the museum cum tourist destination is a dedication in the memory of Queen Victoria. The memorial is located at the Maidan grounds, by the bank of river Hooghly. A visit to the place is an unique and memorable experience. Victoria Memorial is a pledge not only to history, but also to culture and architecture.

2. Nicco Park:

Filled with fun and thrill to the fullest, this amusement park is just irresistable for people of all ages. The park is an attractive tourist destination, which provides both friendly recreation and an educative entertainment. The spot is located nearly 25 minutes of distance from the Kolkata International Airport. Spread over nearly 40 acres of land, Nicco Park has a package of more than 30 attractions. Adjacent to Nicco Park, there is Nalban Boating Complex, that offers a wonderful riding experience in water.

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