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List of Banned Items in Carry-on Baggage or In Person on board the flight:

As per Bureau of Civil Aviation Security regulations, the items indicated below, in any form, are not permitted in Cabin Baggage. If found, these items will be confiscated.

Restricted Items

Sporting goods like Baseball bats, Cricket bats, Golf clubs, Bows, and Arrows etc.
Personal items like lighters, scissors, realistic replica of toy weapon, etc.
Sharp objects like knives, razor type blades, such as cutters, utility knives, razor blades not in cartridge, metallic scissors with pointed tips etc.
Guns & Firearms like, ammunition, compressed air guns, firearms, gun lighters, pellet guns, realistic replica of firearms, etc.
Tools, like, hammers, drills, screw drivers, wrenches & pliers etc.
Martial arts/ self defense items, like, stun guns/ shocking devices, etc.
Explosive materials like, dynamite, fireworks, hand grenades, plastic explosives, realistic replica of explosives etc.
Flammable item like aerosol, fuels, gasoline and realistic replica of incendiaries, etc.
Disabling chemicals, and other dangerous items like, compressed gas cylinders, liquid bleach, spill able batteries, etc.
Liquid items/ gels/ pastes.

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