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  • Pharmacy

    Apollo pharmacy is available inside Domestic Departure Hall near airline check-in portal A.

  • Medical assistance

    Kolkata Airport has 24x7 medical service within the Terminal. Medical assistance is available both at Departure and Arrival level. In case of an emergency contact the medical assistance number:
    >> Departures Aedical Assistance: +91 251198017/+97 25691033
    >> Arrivals Medical Assistance: +91 25691128/ +97 9903388004

  • Vending machines:

    You can use the vending machines at Kolkata Airport for purchasing water, aerated drinks and juices. The vending machines have been stationed at Domestic and International departure and arrivals.

  • Left luggage Facility:

    There is left luggage/baggage storage facilities to safely and securely store your luggage at the airport terminal. Baggage and luggage items can be stored for a few hours or up to 30 days. All items are subject to security checks, including X-ray screening and random hand searches. The facility operates 24 x 7 and booking of can be done at the Arrival Level - Counter No 18 (near Gate 3C) and Departure Level - Airport Manager''s office (Gate 3C). Both Domestic and International passengers can leave luggage for a maximum of 30 days at Charges are Rs.20/- per baggage (for 24 hours period). Beyond 24 hours or part there off, Rs.40/- per day per baggage will be charged For any assistance / enquiry, contact :
    Airport Manager
    Phone : 033 -2569 1011
    Mobile : 9674721815 / 9674721816

  • Visitor’s entry:

    Visitor’s entry ticket is available for entry into Arrival Visitor Area. The cost per person is Rs. 75 for 2 hours.

  • Railway Reservation Facility:

    Railway reservation Facility is available in the arrival area of Kolkata Airport.

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